• CEO and Founder

Mithlesh Jha, CEO/Director at AM & JK creator and developers pvt. ltd. and Electrom Communications pvt. ltd is a BTECH in Computer Science from B. M. S. College of Engineering.

Within a span of one and half year he is an emerging figure in telecommunication industry receiving "The fatest emerging Telecommunication company" from Zee Business for his company in 2014.

Young entrepreneur at an age of 27 with his own vision, proper utilisation of talented resources, creating right culture and environment, making prompt decisons and his utmost oversee capacity and delivery of companies performance has made his company worth 25 million USD.


Aditya is from IIT Bombay & IIM Bangalore by education with over 18+ years of Technology and Management experience. Is a Top Executive, Technologist and Strategist, working and consulting for Thoughtworks, Mckinsey, BCG, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Tesco, Google etc.

Built software products and platforms like microsecond algo trading, insurance, wealth management, auction, settlement, n-way reconcilliation, ecommerce, cloud computing, machine learning, data science, natural language processing, bigdata query engines, streaming ML/MOA, statistics, data products/engineering/science. Distributed algorithms and systems and massive concurrency First principles based McKinsey like domain agnostic approach. Beaten global domain experts and specialists in every project so far.

Built the solution for the largest financial system in the world US$ 60 Billion NPV Freecashflow project to monitor, link, reconcile and audit every financial translation in the US in real time. doing 10 billion transactions/hr at latencies of 100-200 microseconds. With 120 PetaBytes of data in production.


Is a world renouned Distributed Systems, Big Data, Hadoop Architect. With over 13 years of experience in Architecutre, Applied Research & Development of large scale Distributed Computing Platforms and Solutions for various Industries. His expertise led the development of a 60 Petabyte analytics platform that could store and process over 4 Trillion events a day, for one of the leading etailer in India.

Creator of some very innovative solutions and products, Raptor (a real-time analytics platform on hadoop), Blueshift (a petabyte scale fault-tolerant data migration toolkit), Bluemesh (interactive cluster monitoring and management toolkit for clusters with 1000s of nodes), Thorcache ( a low latency, high throughput cache). SOAEngine (low memory footprint SOA harness). Has vast experience in the telecom industry, financial services, ecommerce, semantic search and machine learning. Has also presented at some of the leading world wide conferences.


Rakesh is a Post Graduate in Computer science and has extensive management experience of global application of appropriate technology. He is a generalist with a strong engineering and development background. He brings with him 13+ years of Technology and Management experience and has created flexible software solutions and positioned firms for market leadership.

He has worked and consulted for firms like World Bank, National School of Blind (USA), Dubai School of Government, Regional Economic Model (REMI-USA), Aptara etc.


Shubhadeep is an MBA from Centre of Management Development (CMD) - Modinagar, India and has over a decade of Experience working at Hewlett Packard. Shubhadeep is a National Level Golf Player.